Section 6, Chapters 110 - Epilogue (133)
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Chapters 110 - 130
Events become darkly ominous. Queequeg lies in his coffin. Note the imagery in 112, The Blacksmith, and 113, The Forge. The Pequod Meets the Rachel, 128, is a final reflection on Ahab's descent. Rachel is a Biblical allusion. Check the meaning on the Allusions2 List, Chapter 128.

Chapters 131 - Epilogue
Do you think the ending fanciful, totally not really possible? Actually, the possibility and reality of it happening in this way is told in tales of whalers and in their folk songs. Listen to this folk song, Fish Can Think, based on a true story written in the 1840s by a sailor named Scammon. Tommy Makem sings.

The story of the sinking of the whale ship, Essex, as recorded by First Mate Owen Chase in 1821, was a best selling publication read by many, including a young Herman Melville. The ending of his novel is obviously similar to Chase's account.


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