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The links, unless otherwise noted, take you to outside web sites, such as,,,, and the University of Virginia. Each of them has been around for a long time and offers secure online downloading and/or ordering.
  1. Download a free copy of Moby Dick from either of the following sites.
    Read on your computer or print-out. Compare them to see which format you prefer.
    Project Gutenberg or University of Virginia.

  2. offers Kindle EBooks for $.99.
    Moby Dick EBooks Unabridged

  3. See the Kindle Ereaders
    Print Books
    Moby-Dick (Dover Giant Thrift Editions). This is a paperback edition. Under $10.00.
    Many other editions are available in all price ranges, but get a copy that you are willing to mark. Look for illustrated editions, editions with larger print, hardback editions.

    Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-ship Essex by Owen Chase, 1821
    This is the best seller that Herman Melville read well before he began writing his novel. This narrative stands on its own for a gripping read, and it provides some insight into the novel, Moby Dick.
    Audio Book Download an uninterrupted, professional reading of the novel onto your computer, a cd, mp3 player, or other device. Frank Muller's reading recommended.
        Use this free trial:

    Videos for Prereading
         Video List on Amazon.comamazon image
    The DVDs are at premium price. If you still have a VHS, the copies are very reasonable. Check with your library for a DVD copy. Most libraries are well stocked now with CDs and DVDs. If not, try requesting your title.
    Two are recommended:
    1. Moby Dick: The True Story originally produced for the Discovery in 2002. Watch this vidio first. Some information will overlap with the next one, but most does not.
    2. Essex: True Story of Moby Dick originally produced for the History, History's Mysteries, in 2001.
    Gift Items for Motivation or Congratulation Reading Moby Dick is not easy, and an occasional reward encourages us to keep going.

    Ahab's wife

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    For Serious Sailors

    Sextant Handbook
    Weather Forecasting

    See other tools and books available, such as compass and celestial navigation.