Moby Project

The Moby-Dick Project

2017: October 30-December 6. A collaborative art exhibition of the Bedford Hills College Program presented at the Hewitt Gallery of Art at Marymount Manhattan College (MMM); Hallie Cohen and Duston Spear, curators.

Fortunately, MMM has the exhibition catalogue available on their web site. See it here. Scroll to bottom of screen.

Bob Dylan and Moby Dick

June 4, 2017. Bob Dylan finally delivered his Nobel Prize lecture in which he credits not only musicians, but also classical literature for his iconic songs. Among the classic books, he extensively discusses Moby Dick, All Quiet On the Western Front, and The Odyssey. In discussing them, you hear his wide-ranging and high-ranging thoughts.
Hear and follow the text here: Texted Version-Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Lecture in Literature

Updated web site

June 1, 2017. The new, improved, hopefully more useful web site will be uploaded on June 11, 2017. The site is specifically updated so that it will show adequately on all devices: desktops, tablets, phones. The redesign is more user friendly and offers downloads of pertinent files.